About Me

Amity Kapadia Content Strategyam·i·ty
ˈamədē/ | noun
a friendly relationship.

Much like the meaning of my name, I am a big proponent of making sure our partnership is a friendly relationship. So let’s get to know each other, I’ll go first!

I’m a content marketer with nearly a decade of experience in helping brands develop, implement, execute, and measure successful content marketing strategies. From early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, my approach to content marketing is based on the ideology of data-driven brand storytelling.

This method is deeply rooted in 8 basic steps:

Fully understand your brand’s intricacies

Build fundamentals of your plan

Understand and develop your core personas

Uncover and tell your brand story

Determine your distribution channels

Manage your team and tools

Create your content, listen, and engage

Prove the effectiveness of your program

Whether you have a one-off project or need a consultant to help define your brand’s content strategy, let’s chat about how I can help tell your story.


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